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TV Academy 2017 Election

Posted on October 23, 2017 at 9:25 PM

To the members of the Special Visual Effects peer group of the Television Academy voting in the 2017 Governor's elections:

 Here are my Biographical and Position Statements. I hope you will see the hard work I have been doing for the Academy for the past few years, and give me the opportunity to continue serving and representing your interests to the Academy:


With 20+ years in the visual effects industry, I have worked on more than 300 episodes of television and 20 feature films, earning five Emmy nominations and two wins. I have supervised work ranging from iconic genre shows such as The DefendersDoctor Who and Heroes, to half-hour sitcoms and digital shorts. I helped create the Visual Effects Society Awards, serving on its steering committee for ten years. I have also been a guest speaker at events such as SIGRAPH, The San Diego Comic-Con, and DGA's Digital Day. I am currently a VFX Supervisor for CoSA VFX in Los Angeles.

For the Television Academy, I have served 3 previous terms as Governor, and have been a member of the Academy's Executive, Digital Strategy, Creative Arts, Activities, Membership, Bylaws, Governor's Award, and Engineering Awards committees.

As Governor and PGEC member before that, I have been dedicated to leading the peer group's growth and evolution in the following ways:

* Adding “Before & Afters” to Emmy submissions so invisible effects are easier to judge.

* Opened up SVE Emmy voting to all members around the world, not just Los Angeles residents.

* Created the 'Supporting Effects” Emmy category, giving much deserved recognition to members working in more modest productions and invisible effects shows.

* Was a leading advocate for the Academy to move to online viewing and voting.

* Produced 3 television VFX showcases with VES.

* Produced & Hosted last year's “Previs for VFX” event.

* Sponsored and mentored the winners of two Television Academy VFX internships


I am committed to continuing the hard work I've been doing for the Academy, including:

* Leading a diverse committee of working professionals to oversee the fair competition in our Emmy categories.

* Explore adding visual effects categories to include newly eligible online media content such as interactive and VR experiences.

* Continue working with the Digital Strategy committee to ensure the Academy adapts to and stays relevant in new emerging entertainment technologies, and showcase that work to members.

* Produce more educational programs for our members, and put them online so our members outside of LA can participate.

* Make sure all 80+ SVE Emmy entries received each year are thoroughly reviewed for compliance with the rules, and that the appropriate people are included on the entries.

* Represent the interests of special visual effects artists and below-the-line crew to studio heads on the Executive Committee.

Please vote by the November 16th deadline. I encourage all peer group members to vote, whether they decide to vote for me or not. The more members who participate and are active in the peer group, the better it is for everyone. Thank you for your consideration.

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